Dieting in the digital age with Instadiet

 Dieting With Instadiet

With the advancement of the digital age, the act of making a choice has become increasingly difficult. Whether one is looking for a pair of shoes or they are trying to sort out what to put on their plate for lunch, the options are endless and extensive. A funny thing about the human brain is that if exposed to a large quantity of options, the decision making ability is sure to get hampered. Thanks to so many data driven web of algorithms that we are surrounded with, these endless options turn into a constant digital pecking, forcing us to opt for a wrong fit for all the right reasons.

With social media websites micromanaging all our moves, our food habits are bound to get affected as well. Be it trying to slim down by a few inches and shed those stubborn extra kilos, or attempting to bring that mighty new year’s resolution of “healthy eating” to reality, we all have some personal body goals. And let’s face it, we have all been there - 3 am in the morning, sitting in our PJs, googling - how to lose weight, twelfth time that week, only to wake up to no healthy options in our refrigerator, running late for work. 

Naturally, one ends up leaning towards online diet options, hoping something would come to their rescue. Though there are tonnes of options to order diet food online, the problem lies in making an individually suitable choice. On one parallel, salads are declared as the ultimate stairway to good health, while others keep pushing the scales in the direction of multi grains and fibres. Moreover, it goes without saying, it is not just about what you eating but also how much you eat. Hence, another major player in the picture is the challenge of controlling portions. In a lifestyle where people are often compelled to prioritise work, eating while working or eating while catching a break often leads to unchecked binging and the entire objective of taking in controlled and measured portions takes a backseat. 

Making a right choice shall always be about personal choices, habits and first & foremost - about comfort. Quite more than often we find our personal body goals vanish in these swarm of options. Obviously, stirring up multiple healthy meals every day in our kitchens is a farfetched goal that keeps moving further away as obstacles like lack of time, lack of ingredients and often end up searching -  diet food near me. Ordering any meal online is a cumulative function of availability, easy of procurement and an enjoyable consumption experience. When joining those dots, a final image that is created should hence put the consumer’s needs and ease on the foreground. 

Do eating traditional Indian delicacies like Chole Paneer, Rajma and Butter Chicken while being on a diet sound insane to you? Well, what if someone offers you all these delicacies in controlled portions and super healthy formulations? Let us welcome you to the right way of dieting in the digital age. With InstaDiet, one can order healthy food online without any hassle. We deliver an innovative answer to - how to lose weight fast in the form of nutritious and delicious meals right at your doorstep. By bringing to you a wide variety of delicious and healthy recipes in ergonomically convenient retort pouches, we funnel down a healthy diet to just a few easy steps. Whichever meal of the day it is, we have got you covered. Be it snacking or having dinner, with our range of products, healthy meals are just waiting to be reconstituted and served. So if you are someone who negates the aim of good health by constraints from the digital age, InstaDiet is here to pick those constraints up, and help you equate dieting with ease of choosing. We welcome you to the right way of dieting in the digital age. 

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