How InstaDiet Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

Maintaining your health and well-being goals requires you to commit to your body and the food you choose to eat. But did you know that improving health accounts for 75% of eating the right food and only 25% of physical activity? So at the end of the day, achieving your health goals boils down to planning your meals and sticking to them.

However, in a fast-paced world, it can often get overwhelming and stressful to take out the time to plan and cook your diet food every day. So if you are someone who wants to forego all the challenges that come in the way of accomplishing your healthy diet plans, we have the best solution for you- Instadiet's healthy meal plans delivery service. 

What is InstaDiet?

InstaDiet is the first ready-to-eat diet meal delivery service in India that offers its customers healthy diet plans to assist them in achieving their weight loss goals. We provide a variety of appetizing, calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet meals and snacks so you can accomplish your health goals without sticking to boring salads. Our extensive menu includes Indian foods that you are accustomed to eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and milkshakes. 

We work with qualified dieticians and innovative chefs who evaluate nutritional values and prepare calorie-counted and portion-controlled meals respectively. The result is a satisfying, tasty and nutritious ready-to-eat diet plan that will prevent you from overeating. 

If you are concerned about your calorie intake, InstaDiet is here for you. Do not wait any longer to get your ready-to-eat diet meal, get it delivered to your doorstep today by ordering from InstaDiet. 

How InstaDiet Can Help You? 

Instadiet’s one-step ready-to-eat diet plan delivery service will help you achieve your health goals in a SMART way, that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. With calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet plans for 1, 4, and 8 weeks available at your doorstep, we aim to support people who are fitness freaks, looking for easier ways to lose weight despite having hectic schedules.  

InstaDiet Diet Plans

Whether you are looking to manage your weight or want to have a healthy lifestyle, InstaDiet is here to help you by providing the benefits mentioned below: 

  • Ready-to-Eat Food 

There is no denying that eating ready-to-eat diet food is more convenient than making your meal. Preparing InstaDiet meals is way easier than preparing diet food at home. The latter would require you to cook diet food- with grocery shopping and counting calories into the bargain. However, with ready-to-eat food by InstaDiet, all you have to do is heat the food in a microwave or put the package in boiling water for just 3 minutes and it is ready for consumption. Once you subscribe to our diet plan, there is no need to eat out or worry about preparing yourself a healthy meal. 

  • Doorstep Delivery 

You can avoid the expenses and inconvenience of cooking a healthy meal at home by having diet plans delivered to your house. Instadiet diet plans have got you covered in all meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks, and milkshakes. You can order your meal plan from the comfort of your home and leverage the benefit of a contactless, bacteria-free delivery right to your doorstep.

  • Customized Diet Plans 

InstaDiet delivers customised diet meal plans according to your body mass index (BMI), allergies, preferences, and health goals. Our expert dietician will contact you to learn more about your medical conditions before you place an order for a diet plan. Then a customised diet plan will be made for you once the dietician evaluates your health and will be delivered right to your doorstep. 

  • Dietician Support 

In addition to diet food delivery, Instadiet subscribers can avail of the benefits of our pre and post-diet consultation support service. Our team of professional dieticians and weight management experts are here to help you become the best version of yourself by developing the perfect personalised diet plan for you according to your specific diet goals. Book your free 15-minute session now to begin your transformation journey. 

  • Budget-friendly Diet Plans and Snacks

Preparing or ordering diet food for yourself every day can burn a hole in your pocket in no time. Not only are diet food items expensive, but they also require you to give up on your favourite flavours. But with Instadiet’s budget-friendly diet plans and snacks, you can achieve your health goals without spending a lot of money or compromising on taste. Our ready-to-eat diet plans include 5 meals a day; and as you opt for a higher plan, each meal will cost you less than ₹95. So if you order a 4-week or 8-week plan, you will be paying less for the same meals. 

Why Choose InstaDiet Today?

Our ready-to-eat diet plan delivery service not only spares you the trouble of cooking a healthy meal but also provides other benefits that will help you in achieving your health goals. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should choose Instadiet healthy food delivery service today: 

  • Saves Your Time and Energy 

Imagine having your wonderful weekly diet meal plan waiting for you when you get home from a busy day at work. With InstaDiet's diet plan delivery service, you can narrow down all the steps of grocery shopping, preparation, and cooking to just one simple step of heating the ready-to-eat diet food. We deliver your selected diet plan meals in one go; whether you are going for the 3-day Detox Box or the 8-week Get Fit Plan, all your meals will be delivered to you in one hamper, saving you the time to order each day or each week. 

  • Achieve Your Health Goals Effortlessly

All our meals are calorie-counted and portion-controlled by certified dieticians, so you can leave the task of tracking calories and macronutrients to InstaDiet. Your ready-to-eat diet food will be available at your home, so you can eat whatever you want any day. We make achieving your health goals easier, all you have to do is just heat and eat it.

  • Choose from a Variety of Meals

Our professional chefs and dieticians work together to prepare 65+ diet meal options while considering the varied taste preferences of people with different health goals. We cover your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for you. Moreover, fresher and better-quality ingredients are used to enhance the flavour of the meal to the standards of a restaurant.

Whether you are craving Chennai ka sambhar or Punjab ke chhole, our menu includes a wide range of Indian meals. You can choose from veg and non-veg meals, all of which are going to suit your Indian palette. Our diverse snack options, which include different flavoured chips, cookies, and milkshakes, will inevitably put you off of junk food. What’s more? You can use different options to personalise your healthy diet plans

  • Easy-to-Carry Diet Meals

At Instadiet, we use retort technology to pack all our foods. This revolutionary technique in the package food industry provides a longer shelf-life to all our ready-to-eat healthy meals, making food storage more convenient for you and ensuring zero preservatives and additives. 

Our packaging is both simple and practical, ensuring that you stick to your diet plans even when travelling. Whether going for a weekend trip or working from the office, you can carry your ready-to-eat diet meal with you anywhere and have your healthy meal ready after microwaving it for 3 minutes.  


The first ready-to-eat diet plan delivery service in India, InstaDiet, brings healthy and wholesome diet food to your doorstep. Customers wishing to achieve their health goals can subscribe to our diet plans which are curated by the combined efforts of professional chefs and dieticians. 

Why spend money on preparing your diet meal when you can get timely diet food delivery service and a variety of healthy diet plans only on InstaDiet?  We aim to simplify healthy eating without compromising on taste. So order your diet meal plan today and begin your journey of leading a healthy lifestyle.

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