Perfect Weight According To Height & Age

Nutrition, weight loss and good health work in multitudinous ways, but one thing is for sure - there is no perfect measurement of an ideal body weight. Each individual has their own body goals. When thinking about how to lose weight, what works like wonders for you may not be as useful to others? Hence it is more logical and justifiable to embrace one’s own body and focus on developing healthy, long term, sustainable habits for a wholesome lifestyle.


However, keeping some measurements and formulas in mind can actually help you keep a check on health risks and formulate a balanced diet that suits you best. Body weight is as much a function of your diet and level of activity in your lifestyle as it is about your chronological age, gender, nationality, bone mass and muscle mass. There can be several ways to determine a rough body weight range that is healthiest for you.


1. Body Mass Index Calculator: an acronym for body mass index, BMI calculator is the most commonly used way to determine ideal body weight. A simple quotient of weight in kgs and height in meters, BMI provides an effective indicator of good health. A BMI between 18 to 25 for adults of all ages and gender is considered healthy. A BMI more than 25 can easily be equated with risk of developing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. leading to heart problems. A BMI lower than 18 points towards malnutrition, metabolic anomalies, hormonal issues etc.

2. Waist to height ratio: this method works on calculating a ratio of height in feet to waist measurement in inches. Upper limit of this ratio is considered 1:6, that is, if you stand 5 feet tall and your waist measurement is 30 inches, you are at your healthy weight. Anything beyond that puts you on a high risk of obesity related illnesses. 


3. Body fat percentage: a body fat percentage can be determined formulating one's age in years, weight in kilos, and height in centimeters and waist & neck measurements in centimeters. This method works best when used and applied under the supervision and aid of a health professional or a dietician. It is another method that is most sought after to determine one's ideal body weight. 

There are many other ways to know how much you should weigh as per your age and height; however one must consult with a professional before jumping onto any conclusions. The primary goal should be developing healthy diet habits that can deliver continuous results and help you reach your body goals without causing any harm, fatigue or weakness. If what concerns you is your overall fitness and quality of life, it is advisable that you talk with your doctor about starting a healthy and nutritious diet and exercise regime that is appropriate for you. 

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