How to lose weight at home without exercise?

How to lose weight at home without exercise? You might ask, well, the days when excessive gymming, Zumba, or yoga were the only ways to lose weight are over! Yes, you read it correctly, you can now lose weight, at home with the help of Instadiet and that too loose weight without exercise.Well, let's see how to reduce weight without exercise with these weight loss tips at home and by following a customised menu from Instadiet. Several ways in which this is possible are managing your calorie intake with low-calorie foods for weight loss from Instadiet, taking a balanced diet plan to lose weight, intermittent fasting, eating food slowly and chewing it properly, and avoiding junk food for weight loss or munching between meals. You might be wondering, How can I lose weight without exercise? Instadiet's weight loss diet food delivery has a healthy eating plan that includes a complete food list that is nutritional and tasty for a healthy diet.

We will explain you how to do it :

  1. Managing Calorie Intake :
    It is always a good idea to be aware of the number of calories present in your meal. If you order food from Instadiet, then you need not worry about calorie intake, as Instadiet’s healthy eating plan manages and keeps track of all your calories. One kg of fat contains 7,700 calories and an adult person requires somewhere around 1800-2400 calories per day to live a healthy life. Hence, if you cut down the calories you do not require and consume products with almost equal amount of energy but fewer calories by following a fat loss diet from Instadiet, in approximately a couple of months, you can successfully drop a few kilos.

    2. Taking a Balanced Diet :
    While preparing the meal plan for the day, you should ensure that the diet you are about to consume is balanced and If you are especially ordering food from Instadiet, We will take care of it for you. Although a Balanced diet may vary from person to person, a balanced diet generally contains around 40% fruits and vegetables, 10% fat, and 25% proteins and carbohydrates. Taking this kind of diet for weight loss will ensure that you are energetic throughout the day; your serotonin levels are balanced, and you are not taking any type of food in unhealthy proportions.

    3. Intermittent Fasting :
    A highly unconventional dieting method, which currently works wonders for people, is IF or Intermittent Fasting. This is a dietary pattern in which people tend to fast for a duration of 16 to 24 hours, 2 to 3 times a week. They have reported a significant improvement in their lifestyle and a consistent loss of weight. This practice is known to have several other health benefits like improving mental health, improving life expectancy, etc.

    4. Eating Food Slowly and chewing it Properly :
    Eating in a rush or gulping down food in a hurry is always frowned upon. It is not only extremely unsafe for the fear of the food going down the wrong pipe, but it is also one of the major causes of weight gain. This is because when you consume food at a fast pace you tend to eat more than your body requires, this causes an extra intake of calories. Therefore, it is recommended to eat food slowly. This also allows your mind to process that your stomach is getting full and prevents overeating that ultimately leads to weight loss at home.

    5. Avoid Junk Food and munching in between Meals :
    To lose weight, we need to allow our body to process and dissolve the existing excess fat, eating junk food which slows down that process. Junk food includes any food that adds excess and unhealthy calories to your body, such as processed foods, instant noodles, chips, and canned flavoured sodas. Minimizing the consumption of junk foods and replacing them with healthy eating from Instadiet that is both nutritional and tasty for a healthy diet can help you lose weight faster than expected. 

Takeaway :
By following these methods and following the healthy eating plans of Instadiet, you will be able to lose weight at home, and you will not even have to sweat or worry about an exorbitant gym membership!

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