Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

It is a million-dollar question that usually pops up in our minds whenever we go ahead on a weight loss journey. We all know that keeping an eye on our calorie count is one the most fantastic way to shed your extra kilos. Primarily, you are required to opt for the calorie count method for the significant reduction of your weight. Then, later on, you would need it to maintain and monitor your target weight. However, the whole process is not feasible for everyone. Therefore they often check out for other ways to get a perfect shape without eyeing on their calorimeter.

So, check out these fantastic ways and get the desired look.

Never Skip Your Breakfast

Breakfast is considered the ‘Most Important Meal of the Day.’ It provides glucose to your body and increases your energy level, alertness, and other essential nutrients. It helps to keep your weight in control by averting the blood sugar level fluctuation. Thus, it enables you to control your appetite.

Chew Your Food 32 Times

It is the proven method tested by many people opting to maintain their healthy weight. It absorbs a fair amount of nutrients from your food and provides energy to your body. Apart from that, more and more saliva will get secreted in your food to make your digestion process more manageable.

Cut Down Carbs from Your Meal

Carbs are one of the prime reasons for increasing your body weight. Refined carbohydrates can accelerate the overeating process that will eventually lead to obesity. The refined carbs can hinder your sugar levels, and therefore it harms your body.

Limit Your ‘WHITE’ Food

The ‘WHITE FOOD’ are generally rich in starch and have low glycaemic levels. It does not contain any nutrition and constitutes high sugar levels. If you want to fit yourself in your dream attire, it is essential to limit your white food. The white food includes salt, sugar, white rice, solid fats like butter and cheddar cheese. These foods will make you feel hungry and exhaust your energy level.

Say Goodbye to Fast Foods

Fast Foods not only make you obese, but it will also inhibit your brain activities by hampering its growth. The extra pounds you will gain by consuming these foods will put a lot of pressure on your lungs and heart. Besides that, it can also create a depression in human beings.

Consume Fibrous and Low Calories Food

Fibrous food, aka roughage like raspberries, apples, avocados, lentils, pears, and many more, are incredibly essential for your body. It will go to your digestive tract and lower down your cholesterol level. These types of foods make you feel fuller for the longer duration of time.

Monitoring you’re eating habits is not the sole reason to keep your weight under control, as you have to walk a mile extra to get the desired result. You must engage yourself in some physical activities. As it will not only tone your body but improves your overall postures. You can indulge yourself in various activities like:

Jogging and Running

Running and Jogging are exercises that you can do anywhere and are very easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.


Cycling is highly recommendable for those people who are working on their wholesome fitness. It increases insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer, and many other things.

Weight Training

During the weight training program, our trainer emphasizes melting down fat from our body and includes those exercises that promote muscle growth.

Final Conclusion

All the obese people trying hard to get into better shape should not lose hope or stop doing any of these activities in between. As they might work slower on your body, it will surely give you an effective result.

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