The Best Indian Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Goals

As Indians, we love our diverse range of meals and snacks. The richness and variety of Indian meals get everyone hooked on them. However, if you're trying to lose weight, your love of Indian food might be a major roadblock on the path of your fitness journey. People think Indian meals and snacks have high quantities of carbohydrates and sugar- both of which are counterproductive to losing weight. 

However, avoiding Indian food in favour of foreign cuisine or fad diets is not the answer. Given your Indian palate, you will probably find it boring and disappointing. On top of that, it will cost you more money in the long run. 

If you have been facing the same challenges to achieving your health goals, we have something important to tell you- Indian diet plans works! You'll discover that the greatest Indian diet plan uses ingredients that are available in your kitchen and will help you lose weight by adjusting your diet meals. Do not believe us? Read on and you will. 

How Diet Plan Helps To Manage Weight?

When it comes to losing weight through healthy diet plans, there are a few basic healthy diet plan rules that a person needs to follow: 

  • Eat low-carb meals: The main sources of fat in the human body are calories and carbs, which eventually cause weight gain. So when it comes to reducing your weight, it's all about carbohydrates or calorie consumption. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will shred extra kilos.
  • Eat high-protein foods: Within a few days of beginning a healthy diet plan, restricting your intake of calories or carbs might make you feel fatigued. Therefore, including high-protein diet foods in your diet is equally crucial. You will gain the energy you need for daily tasks by eating protein.
  • Eat more fibres: By curbing your hunger pangs, fibre encourages total fat reduction and helps in maintaining your overall health. Combine your consumption of fibre with other lifestyle changes for better results. 

  • Eat the right vitamins and minerals:  Vitamins and minerals promote weight loss in more effortless ways. Eating the right vitamins and minerals can help you in reducing weight without starving yourself.  Iron, magnesium, vitamin B, and vitamin D are four well-liked nutrients for weight goals.
  • Drink more water: Water is a great help in weight loss. It is completely calorie-free, increases calorie burn, and even reduces hunger when taken before meals. A person should ideally drink 3 litres of water every day to detoxify all the unwanted toxins of the day and feel fresh. 

Tasty Indian Diet Plans By InstaDiet 

Calorie-counted and portion-controlled Indian meals can be used to make a well-balanced, healthful diet plan. We obtain all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we need from the traditional dals, low-fat paneer, lentils, soy, green vegetables, curd, whole-grain flour, and chicken.

As India’s 1st ready-to-eat diet meal delivery service, InstaDiet provides mouthwatering and nutritious Indian diet plans that make it simple to lose weight. We offer a wide range of tasty, calorie-counted, and portion-controlled diet meals that are ready to eat. All you have to do is heat it in the microwave or put the packet for three minutes in boiling water before eating. All of our high-protein, low-carb Indian diet meals are prepared by trained chefs. For your in-between hunger pangs, we also provide low-calorie healthy snacks and milkshakes.

If you want to stick to an Indian diet plan while keeping up with a busy schedule, InstaDiet should be your first choice of delivery service. We are 96% successful in helping people manage weight. 

Have a Look at InstaDiet Diverse Indian Diet Plan Designed for Weight Goals

Healthy Breakfast options InstaDiet offers

Eat breakfast that is rich in fibre to have a healthy start to your day

  • Crunchy Honey Muesli
  • Mixed Fruit Muesli
  • Original Multigrain Porridge 
  • Honey Multigrain Porridge 
  • Classic Masala Oats
  • Mixed Veg Oats
Healthy Lunch options InstaDiet provides

Our ultimate low-carb, high-protein, and vitamin-rich lunch will keep you satisfied and full throughout the day

  • Desi Ghee Ki Khichdi
  • Homemade Dal Masoor
  • Dhaba Dal Tadka 
  • Dal Bukhara 
  • Punjabi Kadhi Palak
  • Ghar Ke Rajma
  • Pind Ke Chhole
  • Kala Chana Bhindi
Healthy Dinner (Veg) options InstaDiet offers  

Looking for a dinner that is tasty yet healthy? Pick our variety of vegetarian dinner options that are packed with iron, magnesium and potassium. 

  • Kofta Curry
  • Old Delhi Paneer Makhni
  • Makai Saag Paneer
  • Mixed Veg Khichdi
  • Mumbai Ki Pav Bhaji
  • Chennai Ki Sambar
Healthy Dinner (Non-veg) options InstaDiet offers 

What’s better than eating flavorful non-vegetarian food for dinner during your fitness journey? 

  • Highway Chicken Curry
  • Daryaganj Butter Chicken 
  • Chicken Biryani 
Healthy Snacks options InstaDiet offers  

Our snacks will give you the best set of flavours to munch on.

  • Quinoa Peri-Peri
  • Oats Cream & Onion
  • Roasted Protein Mix
  • Chana Jor Garam 
  • Bombay Diet Chidwa 
Healthy Cookies options InstaDiet provides

Craving something sweet during dieting? We have got your back with our healthy wholegrain cookies that will make your heart happy

  • Just Oats
  • Oats & Cranberry
  • Oats & Raisins 
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Choco Chip 
Healthy Milkshakes option InstaDiet offers 

Are you hungry but don’t feel like eating a full meal? Go for our meal replacement milkshake that will get your taste buds dancing. 

  • Fresh Vanilla
  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Nutty Peanut Butter
  • Butterscotch Rush 
  • Strawberry Swirl 


Instead of checking your weight all the time, it’s better to check your calorie counts and portions. Your fitness journey will be simple and effective if you stick to InstaDiet's Indian diet plan for weight loss. Our selection of tasty ready-to-eat Indian meals ranges from chicken biryani to mushroom soup; all you need to do is heat it for 3 minutes and eat it. Additionally, our dieticians will provide choices for personalising your Indian diet plans after evaluating your BMI, health objectives, sensitivities, and preferences. 

Choose a healthy Indian diet plan today and give your weight management journey a delicious start!

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