Top Signs Your Body Needs A Detox Diet Plan

Have you been feeling bloated, stressed, or fatigued lately? Then you need to bring change to your diet and start by following a detox diet plan. In today’s hectic lifestyle, catching up on parties, festive feasts, and weekend plans can lead to unhealthy eating habits that can further introduce toxins into your body. These toxins can potentially harm our physical and mental health at the same time. Therefore, it is important for you to detoxify and cleanse your body from the inside out using a healthy detox diet plan.

So if your weekend plans, festive parties, and busy schedule have resulted in the accumulation of harmful toxins and waste in your body, then you have come to the right place. InstaDiet-India’s first ready-to-eat diet meal delivery service- offers two different healthy detox diet plans for you to follow. Our wide range of detoxifying snacks, beverages, breakfast meals, and milkshakes are going to help you boost metabolism, improve digestion, eliminate waste effectively, and get better sleep.

Are you still wondering whether you really need a healthy detox diet plan? We have listed below the top 5 signs that your body requires a detox diet plan! Have a look.

5 Signs You Need Detox Diet Plan Today

Bloating Due To Indigestion

Bloating is more than often caused by impaired digestion. Indigestion is the primary sign that the body is getting overwhelmed with toxins and needs to cleanse. Ignoring indigestion for a long time can cause bloating and acidity, diarrhea, constipation, and unwanted weight gain in the long run. So give your body the much-needed body cleanse to feel lighter and healthier.

Constantly Feeling Exhausted

If you have been feeling sleepy or drained even after getting plenty of hours of sleep, then that’s a warning flag for you. Constant fatigue can cause stress to the adrenal glands as a result of high amounts of calorie intake and pollutants. Therefore, detoxification is urgently required in order to resume a healthy lifestyle.

Frequent Stress Outbursts

Do you feel overburdened by daily tasks easily? If you do, then it might also be affecting your mood more frequently than ever. The accumulated toxins in your bodies are to blame! Stress manifests itself in an unpleasant way, leaving us with irritability, anxiety, headaches, and even insomnia. These stress levels are brought on by hormonal imbalances, which are caused by harmful toxins that have been gathering in your body. Detoxification can help immensely to better your mood.

Unwanted Weight Gain

Your body is signaling that detox is necessary if you are gaining unwanted weight. Fat cells have the capacity to gather toxins and not release them. These accumulated toxins in the fat cells, which do not undergo any form of breaking, could result in unwelcome weight gain. The body can’t function properly when there are abrupt changes in eating and drinking habits, smoking, and when nutrients are neglected.

Dull Skin And Rough Hair

Your skin’s health will improve and issues like acne, rashes, and spots will go away after cleansing or detoxing. Even your hair will have a thicker growth and feel healthier. When you first begin your detox diet plan, you can get pimples. This is normal and not a cause for concern because it is your body’s way of eliminating harmful waste and toxins.

InstaDiet Healthy Detox Diet Plan

Now that you are aware of all the top signs that indicate that your body needs an immediate detox diet plan to eliminate harmful toxins, here are InstaDiet's healthy detox plans. InstaDiet offers two different healthy detox diet plans - 10 Day Detox Healthy Plan and 3 Day Detox Box.

Let’s have a look at what these plans include and which one you should pick for yourself.

10 Day Detox Diet Plan for Body Cleanse

This 10 Day Detox Diet Plan, if correctly followed, will help you to eliminate toxins, lose belly fat, reduce bloating, and boost metabolism. This plan is for you if you want to feel lighter, get rid of your paunch, and increase your energy levels.


10 x Breakfast

  • Mix Veg oats x 2
  • Plain Porridge x 4
  • Classic Masala Oats x 2
  • Crunchy Honey Muesli x 2

10 x Meal Replacement Shakes

  • French Vanilla x 2
  • Swiss Chocolate x 2
  • Strawberry Swirl x 2
  • Butterscotch Rush x 2
  • Nutty Peanut butter x 2

5 x Healthy Diet Snacks

  • Quinoa Peri peri x 1
  • Chana jor garam x 1
  • Roasted Protein mix x 1
  • Bombay Diet Chidwa x 1
  • Oat Cream and onion x 1

5 x Healthy Diet Cookies

  • Just oats x 1
  • Choco chip x 1
  • Peanut butter x 1
  • Oats and raisin x 1
  • Oats and cranberry x 1

10 x Wellness Tea Bags

3 Day Detox Diet Box

Our 3 Day Detox Box is made to help you in getting rid of harmful toxins that have built up in your bodies as a result of the crazy weekend plans or festive holidays.


3 x Breakfast

  • Mixed Veg Oats x 1
  • Classic Masala Oats x 1
  • Multi-Grain Porridge x 1

3 x Lunch

  • Dhaba Dal Tadka x 1
  • Desi Ghee ki khichdi x 1
  • Black Chana Bhindi x 1

3 x Healthy Snacks

  • Oats Cream & Onion Chips x 1
  • Choco Chip Cookies x 1
  • Oats and Cranberry Cookies x 1

3 x Dinner

  • Kofta Curry x 1
  • Old Delhi Paneer Makhani x 1
  • Mumbai Pav bhaji x 1

3 x Meal Replacement Milkshakes

  • French Vanilla x 1
  • Chocolate x 1
  • Strawberry Swirl x 1


Because high-carb foods and an unhealthy lifestyle can produce inflammation in your body, which can eventually cause weight gain, it is crucial to follow a detox diet meal plan at least every two months.

You can start with our 3-day detox box but if you want greater and more long-term results then you should challenge yourself with our 10-day healthy detox diet plan. No matter which healthy detox diet plan you follow, you feel end up feeling lighter and healthier inside out. What else? Along with every order you place, InstaDiet also provides a complimentary consultation with one of our certified dieticians. So why put your weight on a wait? Order our healthy detox diet plan today and see the transformation in yourself.

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