Weight Management Guide For Beginners

Have the effects of a hectic schedule, stress eating, and unhealthy lifestyle choices started to show on your body? Don’t be shy if the answer is yes. People all around the world are struggling with weight management despite all the exercise routines and fitness plans that are readily available on the internet. A large part of our population is gradually slipping into the well of obesity because, when it comes to cutting down those extra kilos, many challenges tag along. For instance, beginners lack the right knowledge of different types of diets which can lead to a healthier lifestyle and eventual reduction in weight. 

So if you find yourself in the same pool, and want to finally begin your weight loss journey, then you have come to the right place. We will let you know how InstaDiet- India’s 1st ready-to-eat diet meal delivery service - is the ultimate solution to all the challenges faced by beginners trying to reduce weight. After using InstaDiet's healthy diet plans, you will find that managing weight can be done without doing any rigorous workouts or spending time at the gym. If followed properly, InstaDiet diet plans have a 96% success rate because it is scientifically proven that 75% of being in shape is down to a healthy diet and just 25% is dependent on physical activity. 

But before we begin your weight management guide, there are two questions that you should ask yourself: what is your health goal and are you willing to change your eating habits to support a healthier lifestyle? Keep these questions in mind and read on to know the ultimate weight management guide for beginners. 

Challenges Faced By Beginners & How InstaDiet Is Your One-Stop Solution

We have listed below some of the primary difficulties that beginners face when it comes to achieving weight goals, and how InstaDiet supports beginners by providing a one-stop solution to all these challenges. 

Busy Schedule

In a fast-paced world, it can be a difficult task to take out the time to plan and prepare your diet or even go for exercise. Even fitness enthusiasts have difficulty managing their weight because of long working hours and regular household chores. So we can only imagine how tough it can get for a beginner to kickstart their fitness journey. 

InstaDiet’s Solution: Ready-To-Eat Diet Meals

To beat this challenge, InstaDiet offers ready-to-eat diet meals. There is no doubt that getting ready-to-eat diet meals is more practical than preparing them yourself, especially if you are a beginner. It is far simpler to eat InstaDiet meals than cook diet food at home. For the latter, you would have to cook while also doing your grocery shopping and calorie tracking. But with InstaDiet's ready-to-eat meals, all you need to do is heat it in the microwave or put the packet in boiling water for three minutes and eat it. 

Boring Diet Food

The primary reason why a majority of people fail to stick to their diet is that diet meals are simply not delicious. On the contrary, they taste bland and do not leave us with a lot of choices to choose from. As humans, we love our palette and our diversity; and we want the same for our diet plans. 

InstaDiet’s Solution: Variety of Delicious Meals 

Many beginners quit their diet plan early in their fitness journey because of the boring tasting food. However, InstaDiet provides a large selection of 65+ meals that are suitable for different Indian palates. Calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet meals are prepared by our team of talented chefs and dieticians.

Our diet menu offers a comprehensive selection of breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack options, including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. With a wide selection of delicious diet meals to choose from, like pav bhaji, dal bukhara, old Delhi paneer makhani, and other excellent dishes, you will have the motivation to stick to your weight management journey. 

Uneven Portions

If you want to get rid of that fat, eating diet meals is not enough. You must eat portion-controlled diet meals so that your body does not consume more calories than it burns. And ingredient portioning is a tedious task; no one likes to measure a meal before serving, especially if they are in a hurry.

InstaDiet’s Solution: Calorie-Counted and Portion-Controlled Meals  

InstaDiet takes the portion-controlling task off your shoulders by offering calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet meals. All the diet meals are low-carb and high-protein to reach your calorie-deficit goal and simultaneously give you the energy to function throughout the day. You don't need to pull out any measuring spoons or cups when you order from InstaDiet since each meal arrives with all the ingredients weighed out for you. It makes cleaning even simpler!

Medical Conditions 

Planning a diet plan will require you to take into account your medical conditions, BMI metrics, allergies, and health goals. Not everyone’s body is built in the same way and each person has a different health goal. On the biological level, humans are built differently and grow different medical conditions over the years. So if you are someone with an allergy or some other type of medical condition, it might be difficult to tailor your diet plan and stick to it. 

InstaDiet’s Solution: Personalised Diet Plans 

You can overcome this challenge with InstaDiet’s personalised diet plans curated by our certified dieticians. Our expert dietician will contact you to learn more about your medical problems before placing an order for a diet plan. A personalised diet plan will be made for you once the dietician evaluates your health. For instance, we will not include meals that have nuts in your diet plan if you have a nut allergy. You may decide whether to include or exclude specific meals, snacks, and drinks based on your preferences. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives available as well.

Lack Of Knowledge 

The internet is filled with foreign or fad diet plans and weight management guides. Few of them work while a majority of them don’t because the problem is not in the diet plan. People simply lack knowledge of how their body functions, and they curate their diet plan or weight management goals without any prior consultation with an experienced dietician or nutritionist. 

InstaDiet’s Solution: Professional Dietician Support 

By providing pre- and post-diet consultations along with a diet plan, InstaDiet's team of qualified dieticians can gradually transform your dieting habits to support healthy lifestyle changes. They prepare a calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet plan exclusively for you. Additionally, they will provide you with knowledge of different kinds of diet plans and how they work on your specific body. Our dietician and weight management specialists will work closely with you to create a diet plan that is specially tailored to your BMI metric, allergies, preferences, and health goals. 


InstaDiet is India’s 1st ready-to-eat diet meal delivery service which offers a wide range of delicious diet plans right to the comfort of your home. Our calorie-counted and portion-controlled diet plans, which are prepared with certified dietician consultation, are designed to help busy people and fitness enthusiasts beginners like you on their health journey of weight reduction. 

Our in-house certified dieticians will make a personalised diet plan for you tailored to your preferences, BMI, health goals, allergies, etc. while also providing you with the right knowledge on our diet meal plans and how they work. 

So, talk to our dietician today and have your personalised diet plan made to cut those extra kilos.

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