What is Retort Technology?

Retort technology refers to the technology used in the thermal processing of food and food products. It is a rather unique method and is vastly different from simple packaging as the packages are packed using metal, some alloys or some flexible laminating materials. All of this is basically done to prevent the food from going bad due to a number of reasons, some of which are microbiological in nature. In this technology the food is generally processed and packed together.

There are two main ways in which this technology is used, one is through the use of steam and other is by using superheated water, which enables the cooking of food in individual packages itself. With the advancement in food technology, new innovations in the food industry are seen every day and since the application of retort processing in food technology, the hygiene levels of food packaging have immensely improved.

Steps involved in Retort Processing :

There are seven steps involved in the processing and packaging of food using retort technology,

  • Preparation of Retorts: this first step requires the thorough cleaning and washing of the machinery that is to be used, like – thermometer, valves, gauges, etc.
  • Loading: the second step is loading the packaging material, like – cans or retort pouches.
  • Venting: Then venting takes place, this is the process which ensures that there is no pre-existing air in the packaging containers.
  • Cool off Time: Subsequently, the retorts are given time to rise up to the temperature needed for processing.
  • Processing: during this step it is ensured that no fluctuation in temperature happens throughout the process.
  • Blowing down: Then the supply of steam is stopped, giving the product time to cool off.
  • Unloading: finally, the retorts are packed and ready to be transported.

Historical Significance of Retort Technology -
Due to the high demand in ready to eat food a lot of manufacturers have turned to this mode of production and retort technology is massively used to process and prepare ready to eat meals. Even though the use of retort technology in food has increased only in the recent years, this is not a novel concept. Retorts, also known as Autoclaves have been a part of the food industry for over a century now. Even in the Napoleonic wars, heat was used to preserve food, during the battle of Waterloo the soldiers were provided rations in cans and even explorers carried canned foods with them as they lasted long. That was back in the eighteen hundred. Hence, both the centuries before this one has seen use of a retort- like technology.

Why Do Food Companies and Manufacturers Prefer this Technology?
Nowadays, with the significant increase in the percentage of people working, the demand for good quality ready to eat food has gone up. In today’s fast-paced life people hardly have time to spend hours cooking meals and hence, they are on a constant look out for healthy and viable options that can be easily stored for a longer duration of time. Foods processed using retort technology usually come in flexible plastic bags and metal foils, this packaging material is called a retort pouch. It keeps the food inside safe from the micro-organisms, bacteria and dust particles, thus keeping it sterile and fresh.

Why does InstaDiet use this Technology?
InstaDiet's diet food delivery uses this ground-breaking technology to provide fresh, healthy and diet food delivered home to its customers. It prioritises the customer’s health above everything else and hence invests in this type of packaging which ensures that the food retains its nutrients even when shelved for a long time. It also causes the food products to remain commercially stable. The  low calorie food for weight loss meals which InstaDiet provides to its customers are packed and processed in retort pouches and made using the retort technology. Retort technology is quite resource efficient. The amount of material used is much less than what is used in any other form of food packaging. This contributes greatly towards conservation of resources.

Takeaway -
Now that you know how Instadiet uses Retort Technology to deliver your Food, You can order healthy food online from Instadiet's weight loss diet food delivery for an healthy diet with a weight loss diet plan that includes a complete food list that is nutritional and tasty in order to lose weight at home.

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