Thanks to InstaDiet, I am fit now! 
My name is Aseem Nigam and I am from Delhi.
To look fit and healthy is always on my top priority as it increases my confidence.
During the lockdown, I had put on much weight and somehow, it was affecting my health. 
Since my wife was already on the plan, and one day I just grabbed a spoon of Paneer Choley ( I just wanted to see what she was eating, because I am a foodie).
And, I tell you the food was yummmmm.
Without even thinking, I ordered their 4-week meal plan.



Everybody eyes fitness and health differently. For me, looking fit and healthy has always been a priority. I think when I look fit, I feel confident and energized. But during the lockdown, life came to a halt. I had to stay home and staying home really affected my fitness. My meals became irregular and in the comfort of my house, there was no concept of portion control or calorie counting. Before I knew it, I gained a questionable amount of weight and I didn’t look like the way I used to look before. In short, I was far away from my idea of fitness and good health. 

My wife has a job that requires her to constantly travel, hence she was already on a diet plan with InstaDiet. In her absence, I usually cook my own meals. I am a true foodie. Hence, diet food always felt like a nightmare to me. I am someone who can never do with boring salads and tasteless meals. Stepping into the kitchen every day and making my own healthy meals felt like an equally bigger challenge. While I was caught up in this,

One day, I casually tried a spoonful of paneer chole. Obviously, I expected it to taste bland and boring since she was on a diet. But I was amazed by the taste and I just couldn't believe that someone could eat such yummy chole while being on a diet. 

Without a second thought, I ordered a four-week meal plan with InstaDiet. All my meals for the whole plan came to me in a box. I was surprised by the variety of items I received for each of my meals. The ease of making these meals is what appealed to me the most. No cooking, no chopping, just heat and eat. Could it get any better than that? I highly recommend InstaDiet to anyone who is looking to lose weight and start living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Healthy dieting can not get tastier and easier than this.