How do I heat my Instadiet meals?

The easiest way to heat InstaDiet meals is to pop them in the microwave, but you can also open the package and heat them in a pan on a conventional gas. 

Do you have non-vegetarian options?

We absolutely do! We have delicious non-vegetarian options in our dinner menu. 

Can I have any other food while I'm on my Instadiet Plan?

We suggest that you include fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy to your diet. Check out our diet guide for more detailed directions.

Is there a difference between Male and Female Meal Plans?

Yes, there is a small difference.

The meal plan for males includes an extra snack each day as males tend to have higher calorie requirements.

Due to this, the Male meal plan comes at a slightly higher price point.

What does the premium category involve?

The premium category includes a wide range of delicious and protein-packed paneer and chicken dishes, as well as energy bars, cookies and milkshake options.



How do I store my meals?

All of InstaDiet’s meals are an ambient meal, which means they are shelf-stable. This means that they can be safely stored at room temperature. Just ensure that they are consumed before their ‘best-before’ date.

The reason why they can be stored for a long time is because of the technology used in the preparation and packaging of the meals.

What is the process of creating ambient meals?

First, the meals are planned and prepared by our expert chefs.

Then they are sealed in a pouch and steamed at a high temperature in a specialized machine.



Is InstaDiet a low-calorie diet?

Yes, InstaDiet offers low-calorie diet plan that helps you achieve your goal  through a consistent calorie deficit diet in a healthy manner.

What can I expect from being on a InstaDiet meal plan?

No matter how minor or major your goal is, InstaDiet helps you achieve it in a healthy and sustainable way. However, results differ from person to person, due to various situational and biological factors.

Should I work out while following InstaDiet?

You do not need to work out while you are on your InstaDiet plan, as you will be seeing results anyway. However, you can incorporate some exercise into your routine for a healthier lifestyle. Even something as light as walking can have great health benefits. 

Can diabetics follow InstaDiet?

InstaDiet meal plan has several health benefits in general, but it is especially beneficial for those who are diabetic. However, just like any other health condition, we recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before subscribing.

Rest assured, all of InstaDiet’s meals are prepared with real, nutritious ingredients and every meal and snack’s nutritional information is provided on the website so you have all the freedom and control over what you eat on your diet.

Can I follow Instadiet with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) ?

We always recommend checking with your healthcare professional in case of any existing medical condition. However, studies have shown that a healthy diet has a positive impact on PCOS symptoms.

Can I follow InstaDiet while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend that you reduce your calorie intake when you are pregnant or even when breastfeeding. We suggest you speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional who will be able to guide you better. You can start your InstaDiet plan once you are no longer breastfeeding, but please make sure to keep your doctor in the loop on your journey.

Will InstaDiet Meals provide me with adequate vitamins and minerals?

Yes, absolutely. As a rule, your diet should include foods from all major food groups as different foods provide different nutrients. This means that the nutrient content of your plan will vary greatly depending upon your own choice and preferences.

Should you have a particular dietary requirement we always recommend you speak with your health professional for specific advice.

 Can I follow InstaDiet If I'm Vegan?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any vegan options at the moment.

 What can I drink while I am on an InstaDiet Plan?

InstaDiet does not ban you from drinking anything, as the goal is to not make you feel deprived. But it’s always better to be a little more careful while choosing drinks that are high in calories like aerated beverages and alcohol. But we trust you and your judgement, so as long as you are in the calorie deficit zone, you are good to go.



When can I choose my own meals?

Once you start the purchasing process, you get to select each meal and snack for each day as per your preferences.

What to do if I have forgotten my password?

It’s not a problem at all. Just click on the forgotten password link and enter your email address. You will receive a link to set up a new password on your mail. 

Is the website secure?

It is absolutely safe and you have nothing to worry about. We take your security seriously and to make sure all your details are safe, we use the latest online security encryption software.



What to do if I don't like some of my meals?

If you don’t like the taste or the quality of your meals and want to return the packages to us, you need to do this within 7 days of receiving your hamper.

For a refund, you need to notify us via email and return the hamper with the remaining products in proper packaging and condition via courier. Please note that you will incur the cost for returns.

The hamper should be sent on the address mentioned below:

InstaDiet Meals Pvt.Ltd.
S-98, Panchsheel Park
New Delhi: 110017

What to do while eating out?

Do not stress yourself out. You can eat out, but just try to make healthier choices. Our Diet Guide has some great tips about eating out at restaurants.



Once you place the order, it will be delivered to you in the next few working days.

An email with details of your courier’s online tracking system will be sent to you once your order is shipped, so you can track your order until it is delivered.

You can also just log into your InstaDiet account and view your order status there.

Delivery times exclude public holidays. Full tracking so you can keep an eye on your parcel. You can also arrange delivery to your workplace or to your neighbour’s house at no extra charge.

How much will delivery cost?

Delivery Charges:

  • 1 Week Plan: Free nationwide delivery.
  • 4 Week Plan: Free nationwide delivery.
  • 8 Week Plan: Free nationwide delivery.

 How long do deliveries take?

We try to get your order to you as promptly as possible so that you can start your InstaDiet journey quickly. For Delhi/NCR, delivery takes around 48 hours in most cases. Deliveries outside of Delhi can take up to 5 to 7 days.

Who will deliver my order?

A delivery executive from InstaDiet will deliver your order to your doorstep.



What is Body Mass Index (BMI) ?

Your BMI measurement tells you if you have healthy weight for your height.

What does my BMI indicate?

Your BMI tells you if you are at a higher risk of health problems that are associated with being overweight or obese. Thus, higher your BMI, higher the risk of health-related complications.

What are the BMI ranges?
  • If your results are below 18.5, this indicates that you may be underweight.
  • If your results are between 18.5 and 24.9, this indicates you are in the healthy weight range.
  • If your result is between 25 and 29.9, this indicates you may be overweight.
  • If your BMI is 30 or above, this indicates you may be obese.

What if I am not in a 'healthy' range?

You should consult your doctor or medical practitioner about how to get a healthy body weight if your BMI falls outside the “healthy" weight range. If your results indicate that you are overweight or obese, you may need to reduce your weight. To achieve that, you need to get on a calorie deficit diet and incorporate exercise in your lifestyle.

 Who is the BMI calculator for?

The body mass index calculations are primarily for adults.

What are the limitations of BMI?

BMI is a useful measurement tool for most people, but it has its limitations.
- BMI does not distinguish between fat and muscles, so muscular people who are perfectly fit show higher BMIs.
- BMI does not apply to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Are there any other indicators?

Indicators like waist circumference measurement and waist to hip ratio are helpful tools for gauging health risks.