Kopal Jain

I am having a chocolate milkshake. You wanna try? It’s from InstaDiet!

Hi, my name is Kopal Jain.
I am Data analyst and a beauty Blogger. 
Being occupied with my work all the time, I actually don’t get time to look after my health.
I even thought of hitting the gym or starting yoga but eventually unable to begin with.

And then I went for an InstaDiet 4-week plan. That point of time I was 65 but now, I am 60. 

And The best part is 

a) zero prep timing 

b) its Handy and 

c) a convenient delivery

It was pretty easy - just heat your food and eat it. That’s it!

I am a working woman who is always juggling between deadlines. While trying to strike a balance between work and life, it becomes really difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I work as a data analyst and a beauty blogger, I am always drowning in work. Due to long working hours I would often end up completely ignoring my health.I would not keep a check on what I'm eating and if it is nutritious or not. 

I often tried to include some form of exercise in my routine. With consultations from my friends and colleagues, I was convinced to join the gym. However, being a busy bee, I would just fail to crunch up the discipline and commitment required for gymming. I was not someone who would quit that easily. So, I made up my mind to start Yoga. But eventually, the issue of not being able to make enough time for good health resurfaced. Over time I kept trying to push myself towards a healthier lifestyle, but work kept pulling me back. 

When I discovered InstaDiet, I was low on hope but high on curiosity. I started my diet plan with InstaDiet at 65 kgs. I took up a four week diet plan. I love how conveniently all my meals were delivered to me in one go. The packets are so handy and required no preparation at all. Finally, I found something that was in plane with my busy schedule. I have lost 5kgs with this diet plan, I now weigh 60 kgs. I always thought being on a diet would be time consuming as I would have to spend hours in the kitchen making healthy recipes. But with InstadDiet, I just heat and eat my diet meals. Finally, I can be healthy, even in my busy schedule. 

Thank you InstaDiet !!