Preeti Bhatt

Well, the credit goes to InstaDiet! 
I also travel a lot and seriously have no time for these workout sessions or any physical activity.
Initially, I went for their 1-week plan, and trust me!
I loved the food.
Who said ? packet and healthy food doesn’t go hand in hand.
It has no additives and no preservatives. And, the best part is I can take the food wherever I go. Now, I am switching to their 4-week plan. Choose Right, Choose InstaDiet!

For someone like me who is a travel freak and constantly on the move, eating healthy can be a big challenge. With no comfort of a stable kitchen that I could wake up to and the inconvenience of carrying food with me wherever I go always stopped me from eating and living a balanced life. I was convinced that staying in shape and maintaining fitness is impossible for someone like me. 

Just when my hope hit rock bottom, I saw Shehnaaz’s video on InstaDiet’s website. Her experience felt real to me as I am also someone who is constantly traveling. Adjusting time for a workout regime or any physical activity had been a forever challenge for me as well. I was motivated to take a 1-week diet meal plan. To my surprise, the food was super tasty. All my myths like you can not eat what you want when you are on a diet were shattered. I had inhibitions that packaged food is often highly processed and laced with preservatives but it was not the case. These products are completely additive-free and come in calorie-counted, portion-controlled servings. 

My diet has finally been simplified. I could carry these pouches literally anywhere with me. I just have to heat my meals and voila! I can have diet meals even when I am commuting. I remember Shehnaaz saying - Choose Right, Choose InstaDiet! Well, I did exactly that. Now I am switching to a four weeks plan. Thank you so much InstaDiet!